MORDEKAI fine jewelry collection 1.0 launch


After a decade designing high fashion headpieces and jewelry to the most iconic pop stars in the world like Madonna, Cher, Beyoncé and more, I decided to add the fine jewelry category to the MORDEKAI universe. 
Vogue Paris launched it here: 
The main concentration of the line is celebrating the rainbow in all its colors and splendor within the heart shape. There are the tennis bracelet and necklace. There’s also a variety of rings and even one with a couple diamonds. 
Another special section is the earrings comprised of a full color and stone range of stud earrings. These are available to purchase as a single or a pair as well as face-framing drop earrings. 
In the necklace and bracelet categories I also added the slider heart necklace, bracelet, and anklet. These customize-able, personalized touch can be added or taken off.
colored gems cool jewelry engagement ring fine fine jewelry gems heart jewelry heart ring hearts necklace rainbow jewelry rainbow necklace rainbow ring sapphires tennis bracelet tennis necklace

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