MORDEKAI FACElift jewelry & headpiece collection launch


It’s time for a FACElift!
The latest MORDEKAI collection of high fashion jewelry is comprised of facial shaped jewelry, pearls, roses, and crystals.
By lifting every feature of Ken Hananya Borochov’s face, this is the Creative Director and Founder of Mordekai’s most personal collection.
Two years in the making, the FACElift collection is the study of the journey we all keep taking: the challenge of truly accepting ourselves and cherishing our own individual facial beauty.
And building on the idea of immortalizing iconic objects that the industry uses to sell us on an idea of perfection, we’ve recast conventional beauty items and tools and elevated them to art decor pieces: The Make Up Tools Objet Collection
Other sections within the new MORDEKAI collection include a freshwater pearls jewelry section, and a rhinestone encrusted jewels story.
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